Col. Larry Kaifesh, Republican Nominee for U.S. Representative (IL-8)

Lee DanielsIntroduction

Larry Kaifesh has spent the majority of the last 23 years serving our country in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantry Officer. Since the September 11 terrorist attacks, Larry has been deployed five different times to Iraq and Afghanistan — leading Marines, Sailors and Coalition partners against those who wish to do us harm

Larry had tremendous success in Iraq and Afghanistan based not only on his ability to lead, fight, and win, but to listen and understand the complex problems presented by a multitude of tribes, political factions, and interest groups.

His pragmatic approach, honest and direct communication style, and his personal ability to bring diverse groups of people together on critical issues, became instrumental to progress and installing peace in some of the most dangerous areas of Iraq and Afghanistan.


In addition to his highly respected military career, Larry has deep roots in the 8th District. He was born in Elgin and raised in a working class family in Carpentersville. Larry attended Dundee-Crown High School and as a scholar-athlete, he lettered and captained the football, wrestling, and track teams. Additionally, in his senior year, he was an undefeated state wrestling champion, earning All-American honors on a state winning team.

Larry was then recruited by Indiana University on an athletic scholarship where he was ranked 5th in the nation. During his summers in college, Larry worked for his high school coaches as a laborer pouring concrete and framing homes to help pay for school. After developing his trade, he became a union carpenter and started working for his father and uncle. Later, upon graduating from Indiana University, Larry went to the Officer Candidate School for the United States Marine Corps, and upon completion was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant.


After leaving active duty in 1996, Larry traveled to Los Angeles to try and impact as many lives as possible by contributing to the promotion of meaningful movies and inspiring stories coming out of Hollywood. It is well known that breaking into the movie industry takes a lot of hard work, and above all, perseverance. Larry worked several internships for free, before being hired by Hollywood legend, Jeremy Zimmer, of United Talent Agency.

At UTA, he worked in the literary department which represented writers and directors. As a result of pursuing this achievement, Larry understands what it’s like to struggle, to live pay check to pay check. Larry believes there is an abundance of opportunities across America that would allow all Americans to live their dreams, but the government must stop hindering job creators and preventing opportunities for economic growth.


Larry is committed to many of the same beliefs promoted by our Founding Fathers. He believes in individual liberty and freedom of choice, limited government, and free markets where all can benefit, not just those at the top. He believes that a strong National Defense is the first job of the federal government and is dedicated to peace through strength. Larry believes as our Founding Fathers did; that the greatest threat to our republic will come from within, and we see it today in the crushing burden of our national debt, unemployment and a weak economy.

Throughout Larry’s life, he has been a selfless, compassionate leader able to bring people together in order to reach the highest levels of achievement. He is driven to ensure our children and grandchildren are given the United States of America stronger and more prosperous than it is today.

Awards and Achievements

B.A. in Psychology from Indiana University
M.A. in National Security & Strategic Studies from the United States Naval War College

Military Awards include:
Bronze Star
Navy Commendation Medal with “V” for Valor in Combat
Defense Meritorious Service Medal
Navy Achievement Medal
The Meritorious Service Medal

He currently resides in Carpentersville, where he attends St. Monica’s Catholic Church.